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When will I get paid if I have requested Withdraw?
If you request an withdrawal, the Tron will be sent to your wallet within 1-15 minutes of you initiating the request. Some transactions are processed manually within 6 hours

How can I change my Bitcoin address or Email address?
By clicking on the button that says PROFILE/GENERAL in the sidebar.

Where can I see my referral link or my referrals?
By clicking on the button that says Affiliate in the top menu.

How do I refer my friends?
Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to visit it and create an account. On doing so, they will be automatically added as your referral and you will get 25% of their free trx winnings as commission! Nothing will be deducted from their account, we pay the 25% out of our pocket.

I have lost/wish to reset my password?
Please go to the login page and click on the link that says Forgot Password in the login box.

I didn't attach mail to my account and lost my password?
Sorry, we can't help you. Passwords are stored encrypted and we cannot change them.

Can you reverse a payment that has already been sent?
Unfortunately tron payments are irreversible and so once a payment has been sent, we have no way of getting it back. You should ensure that the correct withdrawal address is specified in the PROFILE page before requesting a payment.

Where can I check my activity on this website?
By clicking on STATS in the sidebar menu and then on STATS.

How can I keep my account secure?
By using a strong password, not re-using the same password on any other website and not sharing your password with anybody else. We recommend using a password manager like LastPass to create and store your passwords. If you do not use these security practices and your account gets hacked, we shall not be able to help you.

Exchange TRX to USD?
We do not provide exchange services. We help users exchange with each other.

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Withdrawal fee
Commission for the first withdrawal for inactive TRON wallets is 1 TRX

System cleaning
All accounts that are inactive for more than a month and whose account balance is less than $1 will be deleted

Login system
For authorization in the system use your email

Please read the questions above before sending us an email. We receive hundreds of emails everyday and do not have the resources to reply to all of them, so we have a policy of not responding to emails asking questions that have already been answered on this page.

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